Depression – Mental CPR – A Different Approach

“Into each life a little rain must fall”, is a saying that everyone is familiar with, but how each person handles it reflects their state of mind. The normal person will either take out an umbrella or run for cover. Those with depression will stand in a puddle soaking wet, looking down at the ground and oblivious as to what actions to take.

I will state up front that I am not a psychiatrist, but I am a proponent of life and self mastery. Depression is a subject that touches everyone’s life. Either we have at some time suffered from it or we know a family member or friend that is or has been depressed. The medical profession list the causes as either biological, or genetic, age, health, gender, trauma, stress or the interaction with other medications.

The common form of treatment for depression is medication, however there are many things that can be effective in dealing with depression. I personally feel that treatment by prescribed medication just masks the problem with only short term effects. If anyone is serious about dealing with this condition then they must come to grips with the cause. I find it counter intuitive to treat depression with medicines while advocating such things as getting a pet, changing your diet, eliminating caffeine, dealing with pain, exercising, support groups, sunlight, hobbies, mental relaxation, eliminating alcohol, and maintaining a circle of friends and family.

It is my opinion that while there may be the occasional person who suffers from a chemical imbalance the majority of depressed people are conflicted as a result of a “mental fog.” It is a mental fog caused by feelings of low self esteem and the lack of a call to action. The denser the fog the deeper the depression. Low self esteem coupled with the inability to see a way out of their current situation spurs a self defense mechanism of ignoring their problems and escaping into a different reality.

All the above listed causes for depression share a commonality to humans. While most are able to resolve their problems others fail to cope, usually at an earlier age, and as a result there will come a time when their psyche shuts down and they find solace by opting out of the daily demands of life. Take gender for example. It has been determined that women suffer from depression more then men. This should not be surprising since overall women have more demands placed on them than men. Genetic reasons for depression may have its roots in science, however I believe that the majority of those diagnosed are more as a result of environmental observation. Growing up in a household with someone who suffers from depression can have a strong influence on a child. The fact that a role model does not have the ability to solve problems can easily be passed on to a child. If that child also has some issues that cause low self esteem, then over time there may come a point in their life where an “Instance” is the genesis of their depression. The continuous build up of problems can eventually take their toll on an individual and those with weaker coping abilities will succumb to finding a different reality. These pressures and stress points are more prevalent today as evidenced by the increase of suicide among the young and soldiers serving in the armed services.

While I can appreciate some of the treatments advocated for helping those that are depressed, I cannot help but feel that the emphasis on this subject is being solely approached as a medical problem rather than as a social problem. There is efficacy to what they advocate but it is merely a blanket to cover the underlying reasons some can cope and others cannot. Instructions on what to eat, and advice on getting a pet and eliminating alcohol etc. is all well and good but what is truly needed is to educate on the topic of coping and problem solving. Once an individual understands that they have the ability to diffuse any problem and master self control then they have at their disposal the weapon to eliminate fear, frustration, low self esteem and any other emotion that is a cancer to their personality. What is unfortunate is that one has to undo the mindset that had developed from an early age until the time when the mental fog set in. Once an individual absorbs a new mind set then depression is lifted and though life will continue to test their resolve, they will view it as opportunity to take control.

You may be thinking to yourself, that all sounds nice but how do I go about achieving self-mastery? The answer to that is to travel the right path by educating yourself. Although self-mastery is a separate, very encompassing topic I am including it here since it has a bearing on eliminating depression.

These are a few of the topics to help put you on the right path:

1 The relationship between the conscious, self conscious, and super conscious mind.
2 The power of thought.
3 Understanding vibrations.
4 The power of belief and desire.
5 The Law of Polarity.

This is not an totally inclusive list but it will help get anyone started toward a better way of life. One that develops a more harmonious balance within yourself and your relationships. The action itself of reading materials relating to these topics will also have a cathartic benefit. It is my hope that in the future the educational system will play a greater role in the development of those skills that are essential in dealing and coping with real life conflicts.

If you wish to get a better understanding of your mind and emotions

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